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 I absolutely adore working with metal. Every since I bought a small piece of copper and made my first cross pendants I have been addicted to banging on metal.

I was inspired to make this project when I came across this on Pinterest https://pin.it/xhgu5m37wk5cv6

Because I like to put my own spin on things I decided to change it up a bit. I purchased 22 gauge weldable steel from Lowe’s and cut it myself into 2” by 24 inch strips. I then punched holes in the ends and scalloped the edges with my hammer. After I assembled the pumpkins I added the swirls for the stem and the leaves I hand cut out of the same steel. My hands are pretty sore lol def getting a beach shear for the next project. The rust effect was a happy accident. I don’t have a rust solution but I do have Jax patina green for my copper projects. It worked great and the pumpkin rusted nicely!! Next I think I’ll expand on this idea with some different metals. Maybe liscense plates?




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