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 Much has been said about who is to blame for the Florida school shootings. Many heated arguments over gun laws, armed teachers, even mental health issues. Each argument is not without merit. However today it occurred to me, WE are at fault for the school shootings and violent culture our kids are being raised in.

 As a society, we have made every effort to shield our kids from adversity. This modern society has removed, failing grades, corporal punishment and even earned sports awards. The student who fails to turn in a paper doesn't receive a 0, they get points taken off for every late day. The child who slaps his mother in the grocery store gets to continue while she tries to ignore him. The non-athletic kid who tries out for sports still makes the team because no one gets cut.

 What happens when these kids become teenagers and young adults? The child who had trouble in school was passed anyway and now he's overwhelmed and anxious because he doesn't know the material. The kid who slaps his mother with no consequences plays violent video games all day because he was never taught to respect other human life. The kid who isn't athletically talented gets mocked because he misses the winning goal or flubs a play. All of these kids have the potential to develop negative coping skills like cutting, drugs, anorexia, suicide attempts or worse.........

We have removed the best character building tool that we have

Adversity Breeds Character

 When we allow our children to experience adversity whether internally or externally caused, we give them an opportunity to learn to cope with pain and grow stronger. That student who gets a failing grade? He learns to work harder next time or ask for much-needed help. The child who slaps his mother and gets punished learns he isn't in charge and violence is serious. The kid who aspires to play a sport and doesn't make the team learns to work harder and get stronger.

 It is all of our responsibility as parents to raise the best human beings that we can. IT. IS. HARD. It is also our responsibility to teach coping skills to our children. As a mom above all else, I am trying to raise honorable, kind, hard-working humans. We screw up a lot, but we lovingly let them go through the character building adversity of life. What about the kids with no involved parents? Well, that's our responsibility too. Volunteer to help underserved youth, take in foster kids, share your gifts.

 I have been through much adversity in my life both internally and externally. I have learned to cope by making art.

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